Squires Gate 3
FC Isle of Man 2

Squires Gate scorers:
James Hughes (46), Nathan Cliffe (63), Alfie Carmichael (65)
FC Isle of Man scorers:
Jack McVey (16p), Joseph Walters (28)
Half Time: 0-2, Attendance: 120

Squires Gate Lineup
1. Nathan Pennington
2. Regan Crossley
3. Alex Welsh
4. Rowan Chambers
5. Harry Lutakome
6. Niall Fallon
7. Nathan Cliffe
8. Ryan Riley
9. Alfie Carmichael
10. Jack Page
11. James Hughes
S1. Samuel Ogundare
S2. Pascal Jungo
S3. Charlie Wallace
S4. Liam Birchall
S5. Kyle Campbell

FC Isle of Man Lineup
1. Ben Wilkinson
2. Eoghain Sherrard
3. Connor Birch
4. Samuel Baines
5. Alex Maitland
6. Joseph Walters
7. Dean Pinnington
8. Michael Williams
9. Sean Doyle
10. Tiernan Garvey
11. Jack McVey
S1. Stephen Whitley
S2. Frank Jones
S3. Furo Davies
S4. Jacob Crook
S5. Ryan Burns


Referee: Peter Leonard
Assistant: David Wolfenden
Assistant: Thomas Taylor


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