FC Isle of Man

Paul Jones
The Bowl

Current Position: 9th

P W D L F A Pts
46 22 6 18 74 77 72

Current Form: 6th

6 3 2 1 12 11

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
27/04/24Lower Breck (H)W 3-2
20/04/24AFC Liverpool (H)W 3-2
18/04/24Irlam (A)D 1-1
16/04/24Charnock Richard (N)D 1-1
13/04/24Barnoldswick Town (A)L 2-5
12/04/24Colne (N)W 2-0

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O. Score Goalscorers
Sat 29/07/23Wythenshawe Town H18:00W 2-0 Sean Doyle (36)
Dean Leece (81)
Wed 02/08/23Ramsbottom United A19:45L 1-2 Dean Pinnington (90)
Sat 05/08/23Litherland REMYCA H18:00L 0-3
Sat 12/08/23Padiham H18:00W 2-1 Dean Pinnington (61)
Charlie Higgins (77)
Wed 16/08/23Glossop North End A19:45W 4-0 Michael Williams (28)
Frank Jones (30)
Dean Pinnington (58)
Michael Williams (85)
Wed 23/08/23Litherland REMYCA A20:00W 2-1 Frank Jones (66)
Dean Leece (90+3)
Sat 26/08/23Longridge Town A15:00W 2-0 Dean Leece (18)
Dean Pinnington (84)
Mon 28/08/23Skelmersdale United A15:00L 0-2
Sat 02/09/23Wythenshawe Town A14:00D 0-0
Wed 06/09/23Pilkington A19:45L 1-3 Sean Doyle (74)
Sat 09/09/23Prestwich Heys H18:00L 0-2
Sat 16/09/23Squires Gate A14:00L 2-3 Jack McVey (16p)
Joseph Walters (28)
Tue 19/09/23IrlamA19:45Postp
Sat 23/09/23AFC Liverpool A15:00D 4-4 Dean Pinnington (17)
Michael Williams (46)
Frank Jones (56)
Dean Pinnington (64)
Tue 26/09/23Bury A20:00L 0-1
Sat 30/09/23Wythenshawe H18:00W 1-0 Jack McVey (49p)
Tue 03/10/23Charnock RichardA19:45Postp
Sat 07/10/23Burscough A15:30W 3-2 Own Goal (7)
Sean Doyle (33)
Jack McVey (87p)
Sat 14/10/23West Didsbury & Chorlton A15:00L 1-2 Sean Doyle (51)
Sat 21/10/23Glossop North End H18:00W 3-2 Sean Doyle (6)
Tiernan Garvey (10)
Sean Doyle (66)
Sat 28/10/23Wythenshawe A14:00W 2-1 Sean Doyle (22)
Sean Doyle (52)
Tue 31/10/23IrlamA19:45Postp
Thu 09/11/23Lower Breck A20:00D 1-1 Ethan Hawley (86)
Sat 11/11/23Pilkington H18:00W 1-0 Frank Jones (26)
Tue 14/11/23Charnock RichardA19:45Postp
Sat 18/11/23ColneA13:00Postp
Sat 25/11/23Cheadle Town H18:00L 0-1
Sat 02/12/23Squires Gate H17:00L 1-3 Michael Williams (2)
Sat 09/12/23Barnoldswick Town H18:00L 0-1
Fri 22/12/23Colne H19:30L 0-2
Wed 27/12/23ChaddertonA19:45Postp
Sat 30/12/23Burscough H18:00W 3-1 Sean Doyle (4)
Sean Doyle (21)
Charlie Higgins (45)
Sat 06/01/24Charnock Richard H18:00L 3-5 Sean Doyle (48)
Frank Jones (56)
Frank Jones (85)
Sat 13/01/24Padiham A13:00L 1-3 Jack McVey (86p)
Sat 20/01/24Kendal Town H18:00D 1-1 Dean Pinnington (90+2)
Sat 27/01/24Irlam H18:00W 1-0 Sean Doyle (47)
Sat 03/02/24Skelmersdale United H18:00W 3-0 Jack McVey (48p)
Charlie Higgins (63)
Sean Doyle (67)
Sat 10/02/24Prestwich Heys A14:00W 4-3 Michael Williams (2)
Michael Williams (28)
Stephen Whitley (41)
Stephen Whitley (46)
Sat 17/02/24BuryH18:00Postp
  (Game rearrange for 11am on 18 February 2024)
Sun 18/02/24Bury H11:00L 0-2
Sat 24/02/24Kendal Town A15:00L 1-6 Sean Doyle (14p)
Sat 02/03/24West Didsbury & Chorlton H18:00W 1-0 Callum Sherry (79)
Sat 09/03/24Longridge Town H18:00W 3-2 Sean Doyle (54)
Daniel Hattersley (65)
Stephen Whitley (90)
Wed 13/03/24Charnock RichardA19:45Postp
Sat 16/03/24Cheadle Town A13:00L 2-3 Sean Doyle (15)
Sean Doyle (35)
Wed 20/03/24IrlamA19:45Postp
Sat 23/03/24Ramsbottom United H18:00W 2-1 Sean Doyle (19)
Charlie Higgins (26)
Wed 27/03/24ColneA19:45Postp
Mon 01/04/24Chadderton H18:00W 3-2 Daniel Hattersley (37p)
Stephen Whitley (49)
Charlie Higgins (59)
Wed 03/04/24IrlamA19:45Postp
Sat 06/04/24Lower Breck H18:00Postp
Tue 09/04/24Chadderton A19:45W 1-0 Daniel Hattersley (1)
Fri 12/04/24Colne N20:00W 2-0 Jack McVey (60p)
Charlie Higgins (73)
Sat 13/04/24Barnoldswick Town A15:00L 2-5 Thomas Creer (12)
Daniel Gerrard (87)
Tue 16/04/24Charnock Richard N19:45D 1-1 Jack McVey (73)
Thu 18/04/24Irlam A19:45D 1-1 Charlie Higgins (38)
Sat 20/04/24AFC Liverpool H18:00W 3-2 Stephen Whitley (15)
Samuel Baines (50)
Charlie Higgins (82)
Sat 27/04/24Lower Breck H18:00W 3-2 Stephen Whitley (5)
Tiernan Garvey (25)
Stephen Whitley (62)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
Sat 29/07/23Wythenshawe Town (H) W 2-0
Wed 02/08/23Ramsbottom United (A) L 1-2
Sat 05/08/23Litherland REMYCA (H) L 0-3
Sat 12/08/23Padiham (H) W 2-1
Wed 16/08/23Glossop North End (A) W 4-0
Wed 23/08/23Litherland REMYCA (A) W 2-1
Sat 26/08/23Longridge Town (A) W 2-0
Mon 28/08/23Skelmersdale United (A) L 0-2
Sat 02/09/23Wythenshawe Town (A) D 0-0
Wed 06/09/23Pilkington (A) L 1-3
Sat 09/09/23Prestwich Heys (H) L 0-2
Sat 16/09/23Squires Gate (A) L 2-3
Tue 19/09/23Irlam (A) Postp
Sat 23/09/23AFC Liverpool (A) D 4-4
Tue 26/09/23Bury (A) L 0-1
Sat 30/09/23Wythenshawe (H) W 1-0
Tue 03/10/23Charnock Richard (A) Postp
Sat 07/10/23Burscough (A) W 3-2
Sat 14/10/23West Didsbury & Chorlton (A) L 1-2
Sat 21/10/23Glossop North End (H) W 3-2
Sat 28/10/23Wythenshawe (A) W 2-1
Tue 31/10/23Irlam (A) Postp
Thu 09/11/23Lower Breck (A) D 1-1
Sat 11/11/23Pilkington (H) W 1-0
Tue 14/11/23Charnock Richard (A) Postp
Sat 18/11/23Colne (A) Postp
Sat 25/11/23Cheadle Town (H) L 0-1
Sat 02/12/23Squires Gate (H) L 1-3
Sat 09/12/23Barnoldswick Town (H) L 0-1
Fri 22/12/23Colne (H) L 0-2
Wed 27/12/23Chadderton (A) Postp
Sat 30/12/23Burscough (H) W 3-1
Sat 06/01/24Charnock Richard (H) L 3-5
Sat 13/01/24Padiham (A) L 1-3
Sat 20/01/24Kendal Town (H) D 1-1
Sat 27/01/24Irlam (H) W 1-0
Sat 03/02/24Skelmersdale United (H) W 3-0
Sat 10/02/24Prestwich Heys (A) W 4-3
Sat 17/02/24Bury (H) Postp
Sun 18/02/24Bury (H) L 0-2
Sat 24/02/24Kendal Town (A) L 1-6
Sat 02/03/24West Didsbury & Chorlton (H) W 1-0
Sat 09/03/24Longridge Town (H) W 3-2
Wed 13/03/24Charnock Richard (A) Postp
Sat 16/03/24Cheadle Town (A) L 2-3
Wed 20/03/24Irlam (A) Postp
Sat 23/03/24Ramsbottom United (H) W 2-1
Wed 27/03/24Colne (A) Postp
Mon 01/04/24Chadderton (H) W 3-2
Wed 03/04/24Irlam (A) Postp
Sat 06/04/24Lower Breck (H) Postp
Tue 09/04/24Chadderton (A) W 1-0
Fri 12/04/24Colne (A) W 2-0
Sat 13/04/24Barnoldswick Town (A) L 2-5
Tue 16/04/24Charnock Richard (A) D 1-1
Thu 18/04/24Irlam (A) D 1-1
Sat 20/04/24AFC Liverpool (H) W 3-2
Sat 27/04/24Lower Breck (H) W 3-2

Squad Members

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
No Players Found

Former Squad Members

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
Adam Adebiyi00000
Samuel Baines00000
Connor Birch00000
Ryan Burns00000
Sam Caine00000
Harry Callin00000
Christopher Cannell00000
Jamie Corlett00000
Thomas Creer00000
Jacob Crook00000
Furo Davies00000
Sean Doyle00000
Ryan Gartland00000
Tiernan Garvey00000
Sam Gelling00000
Daniel Gerrard00000
Daniel Hattersley00000
Ethan Hawley00000
Blake Henwood00000
Ashley Higginbotham00000
Charlie Higgins00000
Jack Higgins00000
Harley Jackson00000
Frank Jones00000
Philip Kelly00000
Adam Killey00000
Dean Leece00000
Alex Maitland00000
Ronan McDonnell00000
Jack McVey00000
Luke Murray00000
Brody Patience00000
Dean Pinnington000-10
Joe Quayle00000
James Rice00000
Stephen Riding00000
Eoghain Sherrard00000
Callum Sherry00000
Thomas Shimmin00000
Max Shirley00000
Daniel Simpson00000
Joseph Walters00000
Kyle Watson00000
Stephen Whitley00000
Ben Wilkinson00000
Michael Williams00000

Staff Members

No Staff Members Found

Matchday Information

Ground: The Bowl

Address: Pulrose Road, Douglas, Isle of Man

Postcode: IM2 1RB


Midweek Night: Wednesday

2023/24 Admission Prices: Gen. Admission £10; Age12-16/Students/Over 60's/Disabled £5; Age 5-11 £3;Under 5 Free - Cash or Card Payment

Programme Price: £2

Directions: From Douglas - proceed along Lord Street, then Peel Road, turn left at traffic lights into Pulrose Road, the ground is on the right and access to the the car park is the first turning on the right

Nearest Railway: -

Nearest Bus Route to Ground: From Lord Street, Douglas, take Nr 1A bus to Power Station

From Isle of Man Airport - take Nr 1 bus to Power Station Shelter, Douglas

Parking Facilities: Adjacent to the ground

Ground Facilities: Mobile catering units. The Pinewood public house is a short walk away from the ground and welcomes away supporters before the match.

Additional Visitor Information:

Club Information

Legal Entity: Football Club Isle of Man Limited (133066C) (Company having a share capital (other than a company limited by guarantee)) is wholly owned by Sporting Club Isle of Man Limited

Ground: The Bowl

Address: Pulrose Road, Douglas, Isle of Man

Postcode: IM2 1RB


Website: https://www.fcisleofman.im/

Twitter: @FCIsleOfMan

Registered Colours: Red/Black, Red, Black

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Teal, Teal, Black

Alternative Colours: White Blue, Purple, Purple

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Grey, Grey, Grey

Secretary: Andy Varnom

Chairman: Gill Christian

Manager: Paul Jones

Programme Editor: Manuela Swiatek

Committee / Directors: Gill Christian, Lee Dixon, Andy Birchall, Russ Kent

County Affiliation: Isle of Man FA

Year Formed: 2020

Record Attendance: 3,230 1st Division South Play-Off Final v New Mills 16 April 2022

Previous Leagues:



NWCFL Division 1 South Promotion Play Off Winners 21/22 NWCFL Division 1 Challenge Cup Winners 21/22

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