Steve Nixon
Silver Street

Current Position: 2nd

P W D L F A Pts
34 24 5 5 73 27 77

Current Form: 1st

6 5 1 0 13 4

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
30/04/16Atherton LR (A)D 1-1
27/04/16Hanley Town (H)W 2-1
23/04/16Chadderton (H)W 2-0
20/04/16Bacup Borough (A)W 1-0
16/04/16Cheadle Town (H)W 4-1
12/04/16Holker Old Boys (H)W 3-1

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Irlam Youngsters Clinch Title
Irlam's Under 21 side capped a magnificent season in the Cheshire Under 21s Premier League by clinching the league championship.
Division One Runners-Up Presentation
Irlam were presented with the Division One Runners-Up Trophy at the club's annual presentation evening.
Division One Player Of The Month Award Presentation - Matty Boland
Matty Boland of Irlam won the Division One Player of the Month award for April.
Division One Club Of The Month Presentation - Irlam
Irlam won the Division One Club of the Month award for April.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 08/08/15Northwich Manchester VillaH15:00W 3-0 Isaac Illidge (31)
Adam Campbell (85)
Thomas Russell (89)
Tue 11/08/15Ashton TownA19:45W 1-0 Jordan Southworth (58)
Sat 15/08/15BarntonA15:00L 0-1
Tue 18/08/15Stockport TownH19:45W 2-1 Gareth Mooney (57)
Jordan Southworth (86)
Sat 22/08/15St Helens TownA15:00L 1-3 Jordan Icely (81)
Sat 29/08/15WidnesH15:00W 4-1 Jordan Icely (4)
Jordan Icely (33)
Isaac Illidge (69)
Gareth Mooney (77)
Sat 05/09/15Squires GateA15:00D 2-2 Gareth Mooney (24)
Jacques Kpohogmou (102)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
  (AET, 1-1 after 90 mins)
Tue 08/09/15Squires GateH19:45L 1-3 Gareth Mooney (12)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q R)
Sat 12/09/15Rochdale TownH15:00W 4-0 Jordan Icely (24)
Jordan Icely (44)
Issacc Illidge (44)
Christian Lawlor (47)
Sat 19/09/15Daisy HillA15:00W 4-0 Karl Cassell (43)
Gareth Mooney (46)
Barry Lomas (60)
Jordon Icily (80)
Sat 26/09/15WidnesH15:00W 2-1 Christian Lawlor (6)
Connor Braithwaite (85)
  (The Men United Cup 1)
Mon 05/10/15Maine RoadA19:45W 1-0
  (Manchester Premier Cup 1)
Sat 10/10/15Holker Old BoysA15:00D 1-1 Tom Russell (67)
Tue 13/10/15BarntonH19:45L 1-2 Jordan Icely (56)
Sat 17/10/15Daisy HillH15:00L 0-2
Sat 24/10/15Runcorn LinnetsH15:00W 2-0 Michael Itela (27)
Jordan Southworth (56)
  (The Men United Cup 2)
Sat 31/10/15Stockport TownA15:00W 3-0 Matty Boland (52)
Rick Peters (68)
Matty Boland (85)
Sat 07/11/15Cheadle TownH15:00W 3-2 Liam Morrison (32)
Matty Boland (55)
Own Goal (90)
  (The Reusch First Division Cup 2)
Sat 14/11/15Litherland REMYCAA15:00D 1-1 Karl Cassell (90)
Tue 17/11/15MossleyA19:45L 0-4
  (Manchester Premier Cup QF)
Sat 21/11/15Whitchurch AlportA15:00W 3-0 Christian Lawlor (87)
Matty Bolland (89)
Christian Lawlor (90)
Sat 28/11/15EccleshallA15:00L 0-2
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 05/12/15Ashton TownH15:00Postp
Sat 12/12/15St Helens TownH15:00Postp
Sat 19/12/15Rochdale TownA15:00W 3-0 Gareth Mooney (46)
Gareth Mooney (56)
Tom Russell (86)
Sat 26/12/15Cheadle TownH15:00Postp
Sat 02/01/16Hanley TownA15:00Postp
Sat 09/01/16EccleshallH15:00Postp
Sat 16/01/16Atherton LRH15:00Postp
Sat 23/01/16Northwich Manchester VillaA15:00W 3-1 Matty Boland (18)
Tom Russell (45)
Matty Boland (50)
Sat 30/01/16Bacup BoroughH15:00L 1-4 Liam Morrison (8)
Sat 06/02/16Hanley TownH15:00Postp
Sat 13/02/16Bacup BoroughA15:00Postp
Tue 16/02/16Atherton LRH19:45Postp
Sat 20/02/16Litherland REMYCAA15:00L 2-3 Matty Boland (58)
Christian Lawlor (65)
  (The Reusch First Division Cup QF)
Tue 23/02/16Ashton TownH19:45W 3-1 Jordan Icely (52)
Liam Morrison (70)
Kpohgomou (75)
Sat 27/02/16WidnesA15:00W 2-1 Jordan Icely (2)
Matty Boland (40)
Sat 05/03/16Whitchurch AlportH15:00W 5-1 Rick Peters (3)
Gareth Mooney (23)
Jordan Icely (40)
Christian Lawlor (90)
Gareth Mooney (90)
Tue 08/03/16EccleshallH19:45W 1-0 Jordan Southworth (60)
Sat 12/03/16ChaddertonA15:00D 1-1 Christian Lawlor (51)
Sat 19/03/16Litherland REMYCAH15:00W 3-1 Christian Lawlor (12)
Jordan Icely (51)
Jordan Southworth (90)
Tue 22/03/16Hanley TownA20:00D 0-0
Sat 26/03/16EccleshallA15:00W 3-0 Liam Morrison (2)
Michael Itela (66)
Christian Lawlor (77)
Wed 30/03/16Cheadle TownA19:45W 2-1 Christian Lawlor (78)
Jacques Kpohgomou (84)
Sat 02/04/16St Helens TownH15:00W 2-0 Matty Boland (37)
Jordan Southworth (66)
Tue 05/04/16Atherton LRH19:45W 3-0 Liam Morrison (20)
Rick Peters (47)
Matty Bolland (85)
Tue 12/04/16Holker Old BoysH20:00W 3-1 Liam Morrison (8)
Liam Morrison (13)
Jordan Southworth (83)
Sat 16/04/16Cheadle TownH15:00W 4-1 Jordan Southworth (24)
Christian Lawlor (33)
Matty Boland (69)
Christian Lawlor (72)
Wed 20/04/16Bacup BoroughA20:00W 1-0 Christian Lawlor (26)
Sat 23/04/16ChaddertonH15:00W 2-0 Matty Boland (52)
Dean Burgess (63)
Wed 27/04/16Hanley TownH20:00W 2-1 Matty Boland (43)
Liam Morrison (45)
Sat 30/04/16Atherton LRA15:00D 1-1 Own Goal (82)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
08/08/15Northwich MV (H) W 3-0
11/08/15Ashton Town (A) W 1-0
15/08/15Barnton (A) L 0-1
18/08/15Stockport Town (H) W 2-1
22/08/15St Helens Town (A) L 1-3
29/08/15Widnes (H) W 4-1
05/09/15Squires Gate (A) D 2-2
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
(AET, 1-1 after 90 mins)
08/09/15Squires Gate (H) L 1-3
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q R)
12/09/15Rochdale Town (H) W 4-0
19/09/15Daisy Hill (A) W 4-0
26/09/15Widnes (H) W 2-1
(The Men United Cup 1)
05/10/15Maine Road (A) W 1-0
(Manchester Premier Cup 1)
10/10/15Holker OB (A) D 1-1
13/10/15Barnton (H) L 1-2
17/10/15Daisy Hill (H) L 0-2
24/10/15Runcorn Linnets (H) W 2-0
(The Men United Cup 2)
31/10/15Stockport Town (A) W 3-0
07/11/15Cheadle Town (H) W 3-2
(The Reusch First Division Cup 2)
14/11/15Lith REMYCA (A) D 1-1
17/11/15Mossley (A) L 0-4
(Manchester Premier Cup QF)
21/11/15Whitchurch Alp (A) W 3-0
28/11/15Eccleshall (A) L 0-2
(The Men United Cup 3)
05/12/15Ashton Town (H) Postp
12/12/15St Helens Town (H) Postp
19/12/15Rochdale Town (A) W 3-0
26/12/15Cheadle Town (H) Postp
02/01/16Hanley Town (A) Postp
09/01/16Eccleshall (H) Postp
16/01/16Atherton LR (H) Postp
23/01/16Northwich MV (A) W 3-1
30/01/16Bacup Borough (H) L 1-4
06/02/16Hanley Town (H) Postp
13/02/16Bacup Borough (A) Postp
16/02/16Atherton LR (H) Postp
20/02/16Lith REMYCA (A) L 2-3
(The Reusch First Division Cup QF)
23/02/16Ashton Town (H) W 3-1
27/02/16Widnes (A) W 2-1
05/03/16Whitchurch Alp (H) W 5-1
08/03/16Eccleshall (H) W 1-0
12/03/16Chadderton (A) D 1-1
19/03/16Lith REMYCA (H) W 3-1
22/03/16Hanley Town (A) D 0-0
26/03/16Eccleshall (A) W 3-0
30/03/16Cheadle Town (A) W 2-1
02/04/16St Helens Town (H) W 2-0
05/04/16Atherton LR (H) W 3-0
12/04/16Holker OB (H) W 3-1
16/04/16Cheadle Town (H) W 4-1
20/04/16Bacup Borough (A) W 1-0
23/04/16Chadderton (H) W 2-0
27/04/16Hanley Town (H) W 2-1
30/04/16Atherton LR (A) D 1-1

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Lewis Adams2300000
Jake Aldred (GK)3000000
Alex Barlow0100000
Matthew Boland260130023
Conor Braithwaite30210380
James Bulloch (GK)1000000
Dean Burgess13610071
Adam Campbell6110001
Karl Cassell13410030
Ben Christopher0000000
Kyle Davies1200000
Daniel Eyres141000000
Jason Fowles2000000
Liam Green4000000
Lee Grimshaw2600010
Jacob Holt2100000
Jordan Icely262110021
Isaac Illidge201330251
Michael Itela3511000
Lewis Jackson3000010
Jacques Kpohgomou420301212
Christian Lawlor284103140
Barry Lomas31110022
Ryan Longworth13110054
Gareth Meredith0000000
Steven Mills2600000
Gareth Mooney32190010
Liam Morrison341900117
Joshua Nixon0000000
Marcus Perry5600000
Richard Peters41030051
Thomas Russell17931040
Jordan Southworth181944010
Lee White (GK)39000021
Jamie Wolden0300000
David Wright0000000

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Other Current Squad Members

Christopher Boardman Assistant Manager
Michael Dodd Assistant Manager
James Holt Team Coach
Matthew Kay First Aider
Steven Nixon Manager

Matchday Information

Ground: Silver Street

Address: Silver Street, Irlam, Manchester

Postcode: M44 6HR

Telephone: 07969 946277

Midweek Night: Tuesday

2015/16 Admission Prices: £5 adults, £2 u16 and concessions, U11s free

Directions: M60 to junction 10, take A57 to Irlam, then B5320 into Lower Irlam. Turn right into Silver Street, Ground approx 300 yards on the right.

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Club Information

Legal Entity: Unincorporated

Ground: Silver Street

Address: Silver Street, Irlam, Manchester

Postcode: M44 6HR

Telephone: 07969 946277


Twitter: @Irlamfc

Registered Colours: Blue Shirts, Blue Shorts, Blue Stockings

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Green Shirt, Green Shorts, Green Stockings

Alternative Colours: Red Shirts, Black Shorts, Black Stockings

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Yellow Shirt, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Stockings

Secretary: Warren Dodd

Chairman: Ron Parker

Manager: Steve Nixon

Programme Editor: Warren Dodd

Committee / Directors: Ron Parker, Warren Dodd, Ian Street

County Affiliation: Manchester F.A

Year Formed: 1969

Record Attendance: 950 v. Manchester United Youth, August 2003

Previous Leagues:

Manchester Amateur League
Manchester League


Manchester County F.A. Challenge Cup Winners: 2003/04, 2005/06
Manchester County F.A Charter Standard Cup Winners: 2009/10
NWCFL Reserve Division Runners up 2012/13